Work done by our group has been featured in UCSF and autism-related publications, among others. 

New Genetic Models of Autism Point to Cellular Roots of Disease (UCSF news, December 2017)

Complex gene interactions in autism offer avenues for treatment (Spectrum, May 2017)

Science in Focus: Creating Neurons from Skin Cells to Understand Autism (UCSF news, March 2017)

Some autism risk may arise from sex-specific traits (Spectrum, January 2017)

Genes That Influence Physical Traits May Be Reason MS More Common in Women (MS News Today, January 2017)

Genetic Risk Factors for Autism, MS and Other Diseases Differ Between the Sexes (UCSF news, January 2017)

Mutations in Sex-Linked Genes Appear to Drive More Male Cases of Autism (NOVA Next, January 2017)

Diversity Champions Honored with 2016 Chancellor Diversity Awards (UCSF news, October 2016)

The Sexual Politics of Autism (National Geographic Phenomena, July 2014)

Nature Study Discovers Chromosome Therapy to Correct a Severe Chromosome Defect (UCSF News, January 2014)

Hidden symptoms (Spectrum, November 2013)

Cancer pathway connects autism to set of rare disorders (Spectrum, October 2013)

Networking tips (Spectrum, May 2013)

RAS pathway, a potentially unifying theory of autism (Spectrum, March 2012)

In Autism, Gene Findings May Help Explain Biology and Guide Drug Discovery (UCSF news, February 2012)

Experts Discuss Personalized Medicine and Gene Discoveries in Disease at Genetics Symposium (UCSF news, October 2011)

Fair representation for the fairer sex in autism research (Spectrum, August 2011)

UCSF Tops California Universities with Four NIH Director's New Innovator Awards (UCSF news, September 2010)